Chinese New year Marathon Sales is on !

Total of 56 + 4 Free = 60 Jumbos


Nuyolk eggs are exclusively produced in Singapore with logo LCK S'PORE on egg shells.


These Jumbo eggs are so pupular that it is sold out everyday.


We are sad that the jumbo eggs will be for sale in very limited quantity from 1st Sep onwards for a period of 3 months due to new hens joining Nuyolk.

They will need time to grow bigger before they can produce jumbo eggs! 

Let's have our last run!


These hens work extra hard to produce these wonderful Jumbo eggs.

All Nuyolk eggs are locally produced in Singapore, with egg shell logo LCK.


Introducing Nuyolk Jumbo Eggs! These BIG babies are minimum 65g to 80g, to the extent the current paper cartons may burst their buttons anytime! These are the same Nuyolk eggs with great taste and orange yolk, and fortified with extra antioxidants and nutrients.


There are only that many Jumbos everyday, check out our online website for availability the moment they arrive from the farm.





SKU: JUMBO 1 x 60