Chinese New year Marathon Sales is on !


Nuyolk eggs are exclusively produced in Singapore with logo LCK S'PORE on egg shells.


Delivery dates can be within 12 months,


Please allow minimum up to 7 days for 1st set to be sent during sales period.


Buy many sets to build a subscription and request to send on demand 2 days in advance.

( Each delivery request is minimum 60 eggs per set for this sale )


You may set different dates for each set you purchase! Or if you have existing package not delivered, you may request for this sales order to deliver much later.

Before checkout, click add a note and type in' Will Msg Ron'.


Example: You may buy 4 sets, and add in comments:

1st set- ( will msg ron ) or leave blank for us to send within 7 days.

2nd set- ( will msg ron ) or ket in desired date.



1 X 70 NUYOLK eggs in 1 DELIVERY

SKU: REG 1 X 70
  • Storage Guidelines

    Due to special nutrient inside our fortified eggs, namely Astaxanthin, Organic Selenium, Vitamin E & D, and Omega 3 Fatty acids-DHA, it is advisable to store the eggs in fridge upon receiving it.


    *Special note on egg shells*

    Our egg shell appear oily because it is lightly coated with food grade coconut oil to maintain freshness of our premium eggs based on intensive research. To understand more, do read our FAQ on