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The Egg Game Has Changed!

Besides choosing from caged, cage free, free range, pasture raised and organic eggs currently available in the market, Nuyolk now offers you Multi Health Benefits specialty egg.


Fortified with five big super nutraceuticals best known to nutritionist and health enthusiasts, namely

🥇Astaxanthin : World's Most Powerful Antioxidant

🥇DHA Omega 3 Fatty Acid : important for brain development and heart health protection

🥇Organic Selenium : Plays a vital role in prevention of certain types of cancer

🥇Vitamin D3Sunshine Vitamin famous for optimal absorption of calcium, and energy level booster

🥇Vitamin E : Antioxidant and Anti inflammatory properties for supporting immune system and skin health benefits.


Some wonder, why odourless eggs? For baking egg related pastries, we want only the fragrant egg aroma and not the fishy ammonia smell. You can achieve this now, using Nuyolk eggs! Bakers are thinking of egg tarts, chutneys, kaya bread spread, meringue, and so on...... come explore our Nuyolk odourless eggs with multi benefits! Orange Yolks!


Besides looking nice and with a great taste, Astaxanthin in the Nuyolk egg yolks has been found to improve eye strain, blurry vision and enables sharper vision with regular consumption.

Each 2 Nuyolk eggs contain 4mg of Astaxanthin. 2 Nuyolk Eggs = 4mg Astaxanthin = Better Skin Complex in 4 Weeks !Astaxanthin, one of world's most powerful antioxidant has been studied to improve

⏬ skin wrinkles,

⏬ age spots,

⬆️ increased elasticity and moisture, reduce

⏬ reduce DNA Damage in as little as 4 weeks.

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  • Storage Guidelines

    Due to special nutrient inside our fortified eggs, namely Astaxanthin, Organic Selenium, Vitamin E & D, and Omega 3 Fatty acids-DHA, it is important to store the eggs in fridge upon receiving it.

    *Special note on egg shells*

    Our egg shell appear oily because it is lightly coated with food grade coconut oil to maintain freshness of our premium eggs based on intensive research. To understand more, do read our FAQ on